The Rocket Challenge is an exciting activity where participants build and launch a model rocket.

Working in teams of 3 - 4 students, students will design and build a rocket to reach the highest altitude possible, before safely landing back to earth with a parachute.

Teams will be given a budget to buy materials needed to build the rocket. Teams can earn additional funding for successfully achieving mission milestones. The team that retains the most money from their budget, while successfully launching and landing the rocket, wins the challenge.

This challenge can be delivered as a stand-alone activity or as part of the day-long Mission-2-Mars Challenge.


The Rocket Challenge is suitable for year levels 8 - 12 students.


Through this challenge, students will: 

  • learn the basics of model rocketry,

  • learn how forces and Newton's Laws apply to rocket motion,

  • learn about aerodynamics and rocket stability,

  • develop problem-solving and design thinking skills,

  • develop teamwork and collaboration skills,

  • build confidence.


  • Duration - 2 to 3 hours (depending on year level)

  • Cost- $300 per class (up to 24 students)

  • Location - Victoria University, Footscray Park Campus, Footscray Melbourne, or on school premises      (additional charges may apply).


  1. As rockets are launched outdoors, program delivery is weather-dependent and may be canceled in short notice due to weather conditions.

  2. For delivery at the school location, suitable open space, such as a park or football oval, is required for launching the rockets. Speak to us about suitability of your school to run this challenge.