Due to COVID-19 restrictions on on-campus activities, the Mission-2-Mars Challenge is currently not available. Please register your interest with us and we'll inform of when the next Challenge will take place. 

The Mission-2-Mars Challenge is an exciting inter-school competition. Each school is represented by a number of teams competing in different challenges.  Put your science and engineering skills to the test as you try to build and launch rockets higher than others, safely land your Martian lander module and program your robotic rover to traverse the Martian terrain in record time while collecting as many Martian rocks as possible. Along the way, teams will acquire points for their school. The winning school will be the school that most successfully completes the challenges and earns the highest points.  



  • Rocket Challenge: Students will build and design a rocket capable of launching up to a height of 60 meters. Their mission is to successfully launch the rocket and safely land it on the ground. 

  • Martian Lander Challenge: Students will build and design a capsule capable of withstanding the impact from a minimum height of 10 meters. Their mission is to successfully protect an egg inside the capsule from two different drop zone, each higher than the other.

  • Martian Rover Challenge: Students will build and program an autonomous robotic rover. Their mission is to have the rover autonomously explore and collect samples on an obstacle course.


Through this challenge, students will: 

  • develop problem-solving and design thinking skills,

  • develop teamwork and collaboration skills,

  • build confidence.


Duration - 5.5 hours (9:30am - 3pm)

Size - Up to 22 students per school

Cost -   $300 per School

Location - Victoria University, Footscray Park Campus, Footscray Melbourne