Aspired by the N.A.S.A exploration to planet Mars, VU Space School aims to encourage a new generation of Space Explorers through engaging in Science, Technology, Engineer, and Mathematics (STEM) space-themed workshops developed and run by our dedicated and passionate student leadership teams. 

To reach our mission, we have developed a series of highly engaging and fun space-themed activities to help students explore key concepts in STEM and develop enterprise skills in creative problem-solving, collaboration and communication skills.


Our program:

  •  Rocket Challenge: Take part in building the next generation Deep Space Rocket.

  • Lander Challenge: Build and design Space Capsule to protect your Astronuants against extreme heat on Mars entry.

  • Rover Challenge: Design, build and program a robotic rover to explore Mars terrain.

  • The Ultimate Challenge: Exploration: Mars


That is our story. We welcome all to join us on this exciting journey across the galaxy!